5 Important Tools Every Car Owner Should Have Handy In 2021

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Let's talk about the 5 important tools every car owner should have handy in 2021.

This week alone, 33 of the 78 mails i got from my newsletter subscribers are questions and enquiries about often overlooked car maintenance & tools and how it affect drivers

Thus, the reason for this article

Imagine for a second you are driving on the highway or a secluded road and at that particular time; your car decides to break down.

And there is no mechanic workshop nearby and no one to offer help.

Does this situation sound familiar?

The Truth is, most people have faced this situation more than once.

Whether you are driving a car, a motorcycle or a heavy truck, the experience of having a flat tyre or battery issues at some point is quite inevitable.

The best lesson to learn from this situation is to carry helpful automotive tools at all times.

Here Are 5 Important Tools That Are Essential For Every Car Owner

(1)  Shop towels or Rags

This is the equivalent of a paper towel or woolen towel usually found in a kitchen to clean up any oil spill or grease in the kitchen.

Every mechanic shop has one of these. It's usually a worn out clothing used as a rag to clean up excess grease or oil from car maintenance jobs.

You can always find it in most hardware stores. 

But how can this help me or is this even a tool? You ask. 

The fact remains that for every engine there are vital oils that need to be check every now and then. 

Been able to ascertain the correct levels and being able to know when to add more oil is very essential to the proper maintenance of the engine and car. 

Therefore, a shop towel will come in handy for those times when you need to check engine oil and also need to confirm if they need refilling.

Never leave your home without having a shop towel or rag in your car.

(2) Jack and wheel spanner

These are very important tools that should not be missing in the trunk of your car. some newer cars come with a jack and a wheel spanner.

Most times drivers are tempted to remove the tire iron from their trunk in order to create space for other items. This is a huge mistake and more often than not, hasty roadside mechanics cause this essential tool to be misplaced.

A simple trick: Always ensure the jack is returned to the trunk after use whenever you visit a mechanic workshop

(3) A Tyre-Pressure Gauge

A tyre pressure gauge is mostly found in a vulcanizing shop but almost never in a driver’s toolbox.

This is simply because most car drivers never anticipate that the tyres are ever going to suddenly go flat.

Now, here is one thing you might not have noticed about most tyres, they all have a flat side bulging look that makes them look the same even when they are not equal in air pressure.

This might make it hard for you to notice any difference until the tyre eventually goes flat and by then it's a little late.

But that's not all. Driving with tyres that are not properly inflated can be a dent in your pocket as the drag in acceleration can cause a significant consumption of fuel which again throws your saved earnings up in thin air.

A basic tyre pressure gauge or better a standard digital tyre gauge to avoid headache and embarrassment of suddenly deflated tyres.

(4) Fire Extinguisher

A In the rare case that a fire breaks out, there’s usually very little time to waste.

Using a fire extinguisher might save a vehicle from becoming a total loss and can help drivers feel more secure in their vehicle should any fire break out while driving, stay calm and get the extinguisher and take care of the fire if it is not extreme.

(5)  A Jumpstart power bank

This tool is never in a driver's toolbox. This is simply because most car owners never anticipate that their car battery are ever going to suddenly disappoint

A dead or faulty battery is frustrating, its failure can completely disable a car.

Here is the good news; Even if your battery itself can no longer hold a charge, a set of jumpstart power bank can get you back on the road anytime, any day pending when you're able to replace your battery.

This set of Jumpstart power bank is more useful and will work with a wider array of cars, suvs and trucks.

Not only can it be used to start your car engine, it also serves a multifunctional purpose such as charging of laptops, notepads, phones and cameras including starting battery-powered Generators.

After we noticed how efficient this device works, unlike others out there, we did a bit of research and got the manufacturers directly in the U.S.

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Engr. Ola is a certified mechanical Engineer and automobile expert based in the U.S.A with over 10yrs experience. He researches and creates helpful content about car maintenance, safety and repairs.

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